Women’s Ministry

Looking for friendships with other women? We are passionate about creating opportunities for the women of our church to collide, learn from one another and grow together.

Here’s what we have for the women of our church:

Mother’s of Pre-Schoolers (“Mops”)

Thursday Mornings, 9:30am – 11:30am | September  20 – December 13

MOPS is a gathering of moms who believe in the simple, but revolutionary, idea that remarkable things happen when they come together. So, whether you are a soon-to-be mom, first-time mom, or seventh-time mom, you are welcome here.

Summer Study

Wednesday Evenings, July 11 – August 15 | 6:30pm-9:00pm

You’re invited to join us this summer as we spend 6-weeks exploring spiritual disciplines. In a study written and taught by Beachcities’ own Lauren Francis, we will explore what it means to live daily life with Jesus. Here’s just a taste:

“Listen, friend, I don’t know where you’re at right now. Maybe you’ve been growing and feeling connected to God in amazing ways lately. Praise God for that! Maybe you’re doing just ok, and could definitely use some filling up. I get that. Or maybe, you’re where I was a few years ago, ready to walk away from it all because it’s just too hard. My heart is with you. And though I’m no expert, and definitely have a long way to go (and grow!), I hope and pray that these next 6-weeks will be the start of a life-long journey that brings you back to life. The practices of Jesus are not just nice ideas or something that nuns and monks in monasteries do. The practices of Jesus will change your life. I guarantee that. “

Come share your summer with us! 

Childcare is available for a nominal fee (includes a child’s dinner)



This year's theme in Women's Ministry is centered on flourishing in the life that you've been given. Free from fear, limits, and naysayers. It's time to grow through what we go through. We don't just want to be alive, we want to be able to thrive. 

“Wonderfully Created In his Image” – Leah SteWART

Listen to the talk at Girls Night Out given by Leah Stewart, a Women's Health Educator and part of our Beachcities family. Leah spoke about how God gives women a wonderfully made body to experience joy, beauty, pleasure, confidence, movement, health, strength, and grace.


Our hope is that as you look at your wallpaper you will remember to nourish yourself because what you feed will flourish. 


got questions?

Got questions about Women’s Ministry? Contact our Director of Women’s Ministries, Linda Sparks, at linda.sparks@beachcities.org.