Here at Beachcities, we believe that each of our personal mission is to help people find Christ and grow. We would love to say “Hi!” and connect with you. If you run into any of us at a weekend service, don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you!


Kent Sparks

Senior & Founding Pastor

Marissa Schneider

Church Administrator
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Michael Murphy

Pastor of Strategic Ministry Development
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steven guder

Worship Director
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Alex Guder

Technical Director
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Steven Guersch

Video Production Director
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Linda Sparks

Women + Small Groups Director
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Toni Musgrave

Assimilation Coordinator/Groups Associate
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Jenn Papale

Guest Services Coordinator
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Kellie Krueger

Family Ministries Director
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Muna Bohn

Children’s Ministry Director
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Josh Watson

Student Ministries Director
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Sami Peterson

Family Ministries Programming Coordinator
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Jared Ammann

Operations Director
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Sarah Kimberlin

Office Assistant + Childcare Coordinator
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Debbie Wayns

1-1 Care Director
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Russell Poucher

Safety and Security Director
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Jenny Kronfly

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Brittany Sattel

Communications Director
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Averie Templeton

Junior Graphic Designer
& Social Media Coordinator

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Ally Adair-Chung

Director of Homeschool Ministries
+ Christian Education

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Judy Adair

Program Administrator K-12th
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Shereen Mourani

On-Site Facilitator
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Krista Jawin

Homeschool Coach
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Angela Hicks

Program Facilitator
+ Community Day Coordinator

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Britty Page

Classical Core K-2nd Teacher
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Kimberly Banker

Classical Core 3rd-5th Teacher/Classical Practicum K-8th Teacher
Email Kimberly

Jereme Brixey

Classical Core 6th-8th Teacher/ High School Speech and Debate
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Amy Mahan

Classical Practicum K-8th Art Teacher
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Tobreah Richardson

Classical Core 6th-8th Teacher
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Classical Core K-2nd Teacher/Classical Practicum K-8th Teacher
Email Margo

Susan Amman

Classical Practicum High School Art Teacher
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Nic Scott

Classical Practicum Music Teacher/High School Latin Teacher
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Melanie Olivares

Classical Practicum K-8th Science Teacher
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Katy Sullivan

Classical Core High School English/History
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Lindy Lindelius

Classical Practicum High School Entrepreneurship Teacher
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John Place

High School STEM Teacher
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Stephanie Cerce

High School Science Teacher
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Clara McDonald

Kindergarten Teacher Aid
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Elizabeth Mosham

Playground Facilitator
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