beachcities staff

Here at Beachcities, we believe that each of our personal mission is to help people find Christ and grow. We would love to say “Hi!” and connect with you. If you run into any of us at a weekend service, please, don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you!


Kent Sparks

Senior & Founding Pastor
I lead, feed, and Shepherd
Beachcities Church.

Marissa Schneider

Church Administrator
I implement Pastor Kent’s vision by managing the church staff.

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Jeff Fernandez

Weekend Experience Director
I lead our weekend experience team in creating an environment that points people to God.
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Linda Sparks

Women & Small Groups Director
I lead women’s ministry and oversee church wide small groups.
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Kellie Krueger

Family Ministries Director
I influence the next generation to a brighter future.
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Lauren Francis

Adult Ministries Programming Coordinator
I support our Adult Ministries through programming + content creation.
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Kyle Harwick

High School Director
I tell high school kids about Jesus.
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Marshall Cress

Junior High Director
I get to lead our junior high ministry – empowering leaders and telling students about Jesus!
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Steven Guersch

Video Production Director
I am the resident film buff and “video guy.”

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Muna Bohn

Children’s Ministry Director
I invite kids to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
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Jared Ammann

Facilities Director
I maintain the church grounds so it’s ready for you.
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Alex Guder

Technical Director
I oversee sound and lighting in the auditorium to create a welcoming space.
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Susie Johnson

Database/Small Groups Administrator

I help our people stay connected.
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Sami Peterson

Early Childhood Coordinator
I invite our littlest ones to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
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Staci Robertson

Family Ministries
Administrative Assistant

I administratively support Family Ministries at Beachcities Church. Email Staci

Josh Watson

Cleaning Crew Manager
I provide a clean and organized facility that glorifies God.
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Andrew Gutierrez

College-Aged Singles Director
I run all programs for singles (ages 18-25).
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Kelsey Coleman

Special Events + Guest Services Coordinator
From managing the First Impressions Team to planning major events, I make things happen.
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Sarah Kimberlin

Office Assistant + Childcare Coordinator

I manage the BCC Office and oversee all event childcare!
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Jenny Kronfly


I oversee all the budgets and provide accounting services for the organization.
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Danielle DeMoss

Hospitality Coordinator

I oversee hospitality services for most church events (basically I keep everyone happy!).
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