The Beachcities pantry

We are here
to help.

The Beachcities Pantry is here to meet urgent needs for basic food and household items.


The Beachcities Pantry is located at 9872 Hamilton Drive, Huntington Beach, CA. Donations will be accepted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 10am-4pm.

Hours of operation

Monday – Wednesday – Friday 10am-4pm



If you would like to find a list of items needed and instructions on how, when, and where you can donate items, please click the button below. This information will apply to individuals and corporate donations.


We welcome all volunteers who are not currently high-risk or vulnerable as laid out by the CDC guidelines. All volunteer teams will be working in groups of less than 9 and adhering to extensive hygiene protocol. To find out all the opportunities you have to volunteer and the requirements to do so, click the button below.


Free groceries to anyone in need. Our pantry has fresh produce, dairy products, bread, and more. For order process and information click the button below.