Worship ministry

We worship because it brings honor and glory to God. Worship is first and foremost for God, but it also is a way for us to fulfill our mission in "Helping People Find Christ and Grow." We believe each person has the opportunity to honor God with every aspect of their life. However, during our weekend services we specifically honor God by singing together.


At Beachcities, we believe in the power of coming together to experience God through worship. If you like what you hear on the weekends, check out these projects from Beachcities worship leaders, as well as other worship leaders in our community.

Serve on the worship team

If you are interested in potentially serving on the worship team at Beachcities, we hold open auditions twice a year.
Keep an eye out for the next round of audtitions.
The audition process involves: an application, in-person interview, and music audition.

Got Questions?

Do you have questions about worship ministry? Contact our Worship Director, Steven Guder, at steven.guder@beachcities.org.