organic church membership

How to become a part of the beachcities family

At Beachcities, we believe in “organic” church membership. This is just a fancy way of saying that we believe church membership is a natural process like spiritual growth. As we make personal investments in our local church family, we become increasingly attached to that
spiritual family.

So, practically speaking, the best and most natural way to become part of our family is to start investing your time, your talent, and your tithe at Beachcities Church.


The first and most natural way that you invest your time is by attending our regular weekend services on a consistent basis.

Secondly, if you like what you experience there and find yourself growing spiritually, becoming more in love with Jesus, and desire to connect with others on a more personal and intimate basis, then your next step is to join a small group.

At Beachcities, our small group ministry is the place that relationships are formed, grow, and deepen to the point that they eventually begin to feel like family.


It is at this point that you are ready to now give back. Giving back to our spiritual family really does cement your commitment. You can do that by using your gifts and talents in service to the Lord. As we serve the Lord with our gifts and talents, we intensify both our love for Him and our love and commitment to our church family.


If you’re attending services regularly, participating in a small group, and serving in some capacity, then your next step is to begin to tithe by giving financially. Tithe is just a fancy word that means “tenth.” In the Bible, we repeatedly see God’s people giving one-tenth of their income to God.

In the Bible, this concept is referred to as an act of worship. We use our financial resources to joyfully give back to God as an act of sincere and heartfelt worship. Our generous and joyful gifts to God’s work demonstrate both our love for God and our support of His mission through our church family.